Learn What My Clients Say About My Cat Therapy Services


Minou is so much calmer after the healing session. She is using her litter box again! I never realized she was very sensitive and was so stressed out by the renovations around our home. Since she was a rescue cat, your insight into her past was helpful. I wouldn't have known that Minou was mistreated as a kitten and has issues trusting people because of that. I really appreciated knowing that Minou wants her litter box cleaned out more often and that I need to be playing and interacting with her more each day. Thank you very much for your work! I was thinking of returning Minou back to the humane society or considered putting her on anxiety medication. But now Minou is settling into our home very nicely.


Great work on Simon. I noticed he has not been himself lately. I was impressed to know you felt his sadness around aging and a fear about dying. That makes sense since he is 19 years old. Thank you for the recommendation to check back in with the vet. I learned that Simon now has arthritis. I was quite angry when Simon stopped using his litter box, but the information from your session helped me understand what he was trying to tell me. I started using a different brand of cat litter and extra litter boxes to help Simon get back on track.


I've already noticed a difference in Lola! She seems much calmer now and has been more affectionate too. At one point, she seemed ready to attack with her claws and yet she held back at the last minute. I don't think I imagined it either and that was pretty cool to see. I was so fascinated by your work. It was an incredible experience. I've told a lot of people about our session and have given your information to a number of people that I know so I hope you get many new clients.