In-home energy healing sessions to help you relax, reduce stress and feel balanced.

Our energy is constantly bombarded by circumstances such as job loss, career pressures, financial
strain, relationships with people and death of family members. When out of balance, we don’t feel ourselves and we can become overwhelmed by emotions which can affect how we react to the people and circumstances around us. Ultimately, a build-up of stress can manifest into physical illness.

How does it work?

I offer convenient in-home energy healing sessions where I use my intuition and my hands to work through your seven main energy centres (chakras).

During the session we have a dialogue associated with each chakra as I work on it. Our conversation will help you know what has been making you feel imbalanced and also help me release any unwanted energy. As I feel the imbalances in your energy field I will even it out so you are more balanced.

At the end of the session, I will hold your feet to the floor in order to ground you. I will also ask you to hold some chakra stones to remove any residual energy and fine tune your healing. We will conclude with a review discussion.

What are the Benefits?

The privacy, convenience and comfort of your in-home healing sessions will help bring you healing on four key planes: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. You will feel more relaxed, balanced and better able to cope with life’s challenges and ultimately achieve self-improvement.

I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation. Let’s chat about how I can help you relax, reduce stress and feel balanced.