Frequently Asked Questions About My Cat Therapy Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for your cat energy healing sessions?

A session for one cat costs $75 + HST ($84.75) and a session for two cats costs $100 + HST ($113)

What are your business hours?

Since my cat energy healing therapy takes place in your home, I have to be very flexible and work around your schedule. I prefer to work on weekdays, but can schedule an appointment with you on a weekend if necessary. My first appointment of the day starts at 10AM and my last appointment of the day starts at 9PM. Please contact me to customize a time which fits your schedule best.

How do you connect to my cat's energy?

I use my hands to connect to your cat's chakras and balance them.

What are chakras?

A chakra is an energy centre. There are 8 major chakras in a cat. Most information comes to me from the cat's heart chakra.

What is chakra balancing?

An imbalance in your cat's chakras means that some chakras are overactive and some are under-active. Balancing a chakra means the energy flow through that chakra is just right; not too much and not too little. Cats feel better when their chakras are balanced.

What kind of skills do you use to heal my cat and what is Intuitive Healing?

I have Reiki Level 2 training and have done extensive work with Channeling. Intuitive Healing is where I use a combination of my Reiki healing skills at the same time as channeling. In other words, I am doing energy healing while intuiting messages and information from your cat at the same time.

What kind of benefits or results could I expect from a healing session on my cat?

I will give you some insight and let you know how your cat is feeling and energetically heal those emotions. I can also suggest some tips you can implement to help your cat. Healing sessions help calm cats down, help resolve issues with your cat not properly using its litter box, and help you know why your cat is trying to get your attention with its behaviour. A healing session helps shed light on the nature of your relationship with your cat and provide some background information about what your cat has experienced before you adopted or rescued it. A healing session can make your cat more affectionate and deepen your connection with your cat.

What happens to you when you are healing my cat's energy?

I often release blockages in a cat's energy through yawning or tearing in my eyes. This does not mean that the cat or I are tired, bored or sad. It is simply the quickest and most effective way for me to release the cat's energy blockages through my body. Information or messages from the cat are transmitted from the cat's heart chakra through my hands. The information will manifest in my mind and I pass it along to you so that you are aware of what your cat is feeling.

Where in my home do you heal my cat?

I will connect with your cat's energy wherever your cat is most comfortable around the home. Some people gently hold their cat near them or in other cases I will crawl around the floor and follow your cat until it is comfortable with me. I will begin to connect to your cat's energy within a few feet distance from your cat. That begins with me yawning. I will get close to the cat and use my hands to gently stroke the cat. Cats like to rub their cheeks on my hands or lick my hands. I like to see the cat calm and purring or playful. Whatever makes the cat feel best!

How long are cat healing sessions?

The healing session takes about 30 minutes. This allows me enough time to get acquainted with your cat and for the energy healing to be completed. When my body is calm and I am no longer yawning or tearing or getting any more information from your cat, that is when I know the session is over.

What if I have two cats?

No problem! Many people have two cats, especially since this is encouraged by adoption agencies and rescue centres. I will work on each cat separately because each cat is unique and its energy is affected differently. Therefore, I take an hour overall or 30 minutes for each cat. I also charge more for healing two cats since it is double the work.

What should I do while you are healing my cat(s)?

You can choose to watch me as I work on your cat or you can do other things around your home while I am working on your cat. I will give you a summary at the end so you know what happened. If you watch me while I work, I will most likely ask you some questions as we go since that allows me to explore deeper into your relationship with your cat.

Is it ok if I record our session?

You can if you wish. Much of the healing session is quiet as I interact with your cat. The healing session is not a live reading of messages. For most of the time I am quietly healing with my hands and gathering information. Therefore, it would probably be best to record a part of the session and the summary at the end. But totally up to you. You may wish to ask me questions about your cat as I am working and might want to record the answers.

Can I have a friend or relative participate in the session with me and my cat(s)?

Sure. You can both be around and ask some questions about your cat and about what I am doing. But it is important that I remain focused on your cat while I balance its energy and gather any information for you.

What if we are interrupted during my cat's healing session?

A healing session works best if we are uninterrupted. Too many interruptions may cause me to lose focus. But if you need to be working at home or on the phone or if someone knocks on the door, I can always continue my work healing your cat while you attend to other things.

Do you operate out of a clinic or studio?

I do not operate out of a clinic or studio. I mainly offer in-home energy healing sessions for your cat. Occasionally, I might host a local event in a rented space. But this would require you to bring your cat to me on a specific date and time.

Why do you primarily offer in-home healing sessions?

It is best for me to see your cat in its home environment. This gives me a really good sense of what your cat is feeling. Your cat will be more comfortable for me to work on it in its home environment than bringing it elsewhere.

Why do you focus your energy healing business on cats only?

When I first started my business, I began doing in-home energy healing on people. Over time, I realized that people's pets need help too. People are very connected to their pets and animals are intuitive. So I began doing pet therapy sessions. Although I was very skilled at working on people and animals, I quickly realized that I enjoy working on cats by leaps and bounds over all other living creatures! So I made the focus of my business very niche on just felines. I also consider myself a cat guy. When I first met my wife, she brought her cat into our home for several years. After he passed away and we spent some time raising our two children, we then decided to adopt a rescue cat named Sabrina. She is a very sweet tabby and we just love having her in our home. Sabrina and I are very connected.

Do you participate in any events or shows?

I do participate in some metaphysical and spiritual themed events. I also connect with people at feline themed events. This is mainly to promote my business and give people information since animals are not allowed at most events. I occasionally host a local event in a rented space where you would bring your cat to me on a specific date and time.

What if I live outside of Toronto?

I am happy to work with your cat if you live within a reasonable distance from me. Please feel free to ask. Some parts of the Greater Toronto Area are not too far away from me. If you live too far from me, I might have to decline or charge a premium due to a longer travel time and distance.

Is your cat healing service fee covered by my insurance or benefits?

Unfortunately no. But I try to be very reasonable with my rates and provide you with great service and value. Healing your cat's energy is not a service that is widely available and having a better connection with your cat is priceless! I also come to your home for most effective results on your cat and the most comfort and convenience for you.

Do you have business insurance?

I do have business insurance coverage: Professional Liability & Commercial General Liability - Bodily Injury/Property Damage.

What is your cancellation policy?

I respectfully request 24 hours’ notice for cancelled or rescheduled appointments.

Do you offer package deals or volume discounts?

Every cat's needs are different. Your cat may require more than one healing session or it may not. It is best to pay for one session at a time and see if you think your cat requires more healing at a later date. You know your cat the best and will be pretty sure if you think you would like another cat energy healing session. I do not want to encourage people to pay for more sessions than their cat needs by offering package deals or volume discounts.

When is payment due?

Payment is due by the end of the session.

How can I make payment?

Payments can me made via credit card, Interac Debit, Interac e-Transfer, cheque or cash. Please make cheques payable to Grasshopper Intuitive Healing Inc.

Do you charge HST?

Yes, I have to add 13% HST on top of my prices. Any HST that I charge and collect is given to the government.

Other than HST, are there any extra charges, fees or gratuities for your service?

No! The price + HST is all you have to pay.

Can I buy a session for a friend or family member?

Sure. As long as they are ok with me coming to their home to do a healing session on their cat(s).