Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)2017-10-05T18:54:06+00:00
What are chakras?2017-09-22T15:19:52+00:00

A Chakra is an energy centre in the human body. There are 7 main Chakras in the body.

What is chakra balancing?2017-09-28T14:49:55+00:00

An imbalance in your Chakras means that some Chakras are over-active and some are under-active. Balancing a Chakra means the energy flow through that Chakra is just right; not too much and not too little. We feel better when our Chakras are balanced.

What are chakra stones?2017-09-23T06:01:13+00:00

Each Chakra is associated with a stone. Each stone has the purpose of balancing the Chakra being focused on.

How long are healing sessions?2017-09-28T14:47:14+00:00

The entire session takes 2 hours. This includes: Set up, a briefing, the healing session, chakra stone exchange and review discussion. Some preparation time is required for me to set up before your session and then remove my table when we are done. We have some pre and post session dialogue to help us prepare in advance and wrap up after.

What if we are interrupted during a session?2017-10-05T07:28:49+00:00

A healing session works best if we are uninterrupted. Please turn off mobile phones and try to minimize distractions and background noise. Too many interruptions may cause me to lose focus.

Is it ok if I record our session?2017-09-13T17:28:44+00:00

I would kindly ask that there are no audio or video recording of the healing sessions.

Can I have a friend or relative participate in the session with me?2017-09-22T09:37:48+00:00

Sessions are one on one only. It is ok if you are more comfortable having someone else around with you in your home while we are having a session, as long as this person is not participating.

Can I split a session with another person or a group of people?2017-09-13T17:38:04+00:00

There are no sharing of sessions by splitting time between people. There are also no group sessions.

Is your service available to children?2017-09-13T17:31:35+00:00

I do offer my service to children. However, a guardian must be present at all times for anyone under the age of 16.

Do you operate out of a clinic or studio?2017-10-07T00:36:48+00:00

I do not operate out of a clinic or studio. I offer in-home energy healing sessions only.

Why do you only offer in-home healing sessions?2017-10-06T14:15:12+00:00

After having worked in an office for almost 20 years, my goal now is to be on the move. I want to help people in a location where they are most relaxed which is in their home.

Can you offer services at my work place?2017-10-07T00:37:17+00:00

I do not offer my services at your work place. I offer in-home energy healing sessions only.

What if I live outside the Greater Toronto Area?2017-10-07T01:08:44+00:00

If you live outside the GTA, a pricing premium would apply to your session fee due to a longer travel time and distance.

Do you have insurance?2017-09-13T17:42:36+00:00

I have Business Insurance coverage: Professional Liability & Commercial General Liability – Bodily Injury/Property Damage.

What is your cancellation policy?2017-09-13T17:40:20+00:00

I respectfully request 24 hours notice for cancelled or rescheduled appointments.

When is payment due?2017-09-13T17:37:51+00:00

Payment is due by the end of the session.

How can I make payment?2017-09-22T09:33:05+00:00

Payments can be made via Credit Card, Interac e-Transfer, Cheque or Cash. Please make cheques payable to Grasshopper Intuitive Healing Inc.

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