Chakra Stones

My seven chakra stones are attuned to me. They are like my little “employees”. I bring them to every healing session. Before we begin, I will ask you what you would like to focus on. I start every session with the chakra stones in my hands. Then I set the intent to bring you healing and peace. This comes from my heart centre into the stones. Finally, I lay the stones down in a straight line near you and we begin.

When I am finished working through your chakras with my hands, I then bring in my seven chakra stones. We hold each stone one at a time, sharing them back and forth. The purpose of this is to remove any residual energy which needs to be released. I will give you a stone to hold and then ask you to release your energy from that chakra into the stone. We go through all seven chakra stones one by one. We start at the crown and work down to the root.

After the healing session is over, I need to take the chakra stones out of your home and cleanse them with water. This is done in another location away from your home. The intent for that water is to clear all of the energy you release into the stones. The earth takes away the energy after the water hits the ground. I then thank my stones, dry them, and store them until my next appointment.

Here is a list of the seven main chakras, what energy is associated with each chakra, and what my seven chakra stones are composed of:

crown chakra (higher consciousness/awareness) – hematite
third eye chakra (intuition and wisdom) – fluorite
throat chakra (expression and communication) – sodalite
heart chakra (love) – unakite
solar plexus (drive, power, assertiveness) – calcite
sacral chakra (happiness, desire and sexuality) – carnelian
root chakra (safety and security) – brecciated jasper

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